Friday, October 8, 2010

October 8th-It's Here-Our Soap Making Event

Good morning, I am setting this up early to cover the different time zones of whom ever participates.

Share your link of your soap blog here in comments-and I will set up links thru out the day.

Wow!! We will be in the mid 80s today-and warmer tomorrow. No rain for almost 2 weeks now and still not much in the forecast. That is a good thing for getting our food plot closer to completion-but a bad thing for possible forest fires.

I of course over did it yesterday, with cleaning up my little garden space. I emptied 3 of the huge pots and have them put away, pulled all the non growing veggies along with some weeds, and I left the pot with all the little sweet peppers cause they are still producing. As is one pole bean plant.

I am off to make me a cup of hot tea, soak my foot, and put the heat on my lower back-lol for a bit.

Then will set up for my soap making.

A couple tips I wanted to share that I have read on several sites with the melt and pour soaps.

1. be aware of the temps-good to have a thermometer, your soap base product should give you temps not to go over.

2. have a spray bottle handy with 70% rubbing alcohol-after pouring in molds spritz lightly on the top of the bars-this will prevent bubbles. This is also used between layers in the bars so they won't come apart-I think I want to make a couple bars with different layers of colors today.

3. if you are using fragrance oils or essential oils-know the maximum heat of each-if soap mix too hot-they will flash right at you. I looked up mine and they are both set at 200 degrees which I am not going to let the soap get that hot. another good reason to use a thermometer

4. they suggest using the microwave or a double boiler-I have decided to go with a double boiler

5. when your melt and pour soaps are out of the molds and cooled completely-wrap tightly in saran wrap-this is important to do with these melt and pours-otherwise they will sweat. after this process we can then wrap them up in pretty papers etc.

Here are links to a few helpful videos and frequently asked questions

list of frequently asked questions

video for general melt and pour soap making

video for one color bar soap

video on making layerd soap

video on embedding items

video on suspending items-like oatmeal, poppy seeds

more videos here along with recipes too

Have Fun!!


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