Friday, October 1, 2010

Nice Surprise

The other night when Larry brought a bunch of these home, I said if you get a chance to get more of these-I need double the amount to can up a few 1/4 pints. Soooo that's what he did-lol
I am already tired of standing most of the day and playing with fabric in mordant, but can't say no to food. I would save them til tomorrow but I have a really busy day tomorrow. Sandy and I are going into town food shopping really early in the morning, and then when I get back I will be set up some fires outside to do my dye pots. I have 2 pounds of cotton fabric ready to go, so will divide these up into 1/2 pounds and dye a batch of marigold, goldenrod, onion skins, and mimosa.-Remember last year when I harvested and dried mimosa leaves while they were blooming? Well, last year I ran out of nice weather to dye-so will try that out this year. These will mostly turn out to be yellows, golds, maybe browns.
Tomorrow will still be a beautiful day, and maybe sunday not too bad before the cold gets here.
I haven't used a pressure canner in probably 15 years now, I have 3 of the 22 qt. Mirros and I love them. So I scrubbed one up, made us a really simple supper-eggs-lol--and now I am waiting for the steamers to boil Am following the recipe from here it is the one I posted last time.
catch ya all later? any one know if there is a football game tonight and who is playing?


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