Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Saturday Doings

What another gorgeous October day here in the ozarks; once it warmed up it got into the 80s, clear sky, lots of sunshine.

I started early finishing up the last of the wild grapes. I canned 5 more quarts, and with the last 12 cups of wild grapes I made up a batch of wild grape brandy. I used a large bottle of vodka, a bottle of dry white wine, 1/2 a bottle of this really good homemade wine, and 3 cups of sugar. Blended that til sugar was dissolved and added in the mashed grapes. This will sit now for several months before I put it in bottles and then let most of it set for a year-when it will be at it's best.

By 8:30 am it was in the 50s, so took Nikita for our morning walk, then when up to work in the food plot. We are working now on getting the biggest rocks out, as we are running out of time. Larry ran the rake thru again which levels the soil out a bit, and brings up more of the rocks. I ended up filling the skid steer bucket twice, and made another huge pile of rocks as well off to one side. Since we got an earlier start I figured for sure we would be out of there before noon, so get the bbq ribs fixed up and in the oven. Today is Larry's birthday-the 65.

We ended up working til 1 pm. I knew I was getting hungry and tired-lol We visited with Mr. L for a bit, got the ribs in the oven by 2 pm and then relaxed a bit visiting with friends over by Mr. L.

Where I got the energy I don't know, but also carried in lots of wood up near the house in the wood rack, and also filled up the kindling barrel. I am working on getting the wood rack filled before we need it.

The ribs were perfect when we got back after 5, so finished up dinner. Remember that wild plum sauce I made?? I just tried it over a gluten free chocolate cake I made-this is soooo delicious, well worth all the time and trouble getting those small pits out.

We also tried those pickled bing cherries this past week-and they turned out excellent. I would make those again too.

We are hoping tomorrow is the last day of getting rocks out of the wildlife food plot, and then monday we will look into buying some winter wheat and rye for a cover crop. It is too late now to put in the clover and other seed.

Once the food plot is done, hopefully I can get started on house work-our house and especially my kitchen has been neglected with all this canning I have been doing, so it needs a through scrubbing.

Also, early next week, we are hoping to go with Mr. L to the amish farms, he has alot of contacts which he will introduce us to. We are hoping to bring back lots of fall veggies, pumpkins, squash, cabbage etc. he says even tomatoes, so I may be still canning again-thats ok-cause I enjoy doing it, and I love knowing my food is grown.

Tomorrow is to be another gorgeous 80 degree day-what have you all been up too? Hope you have beautiful weather too.


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