Friday, October 1, 2010

My "Doings" here in the Ozarks

Today is the last of the gorgoeus string of fall days for this week for a bit. Will be sunny and in the mid 70's when it heats up today.

There is a cold front on it's way, and possible frost monday or tuesday-so still the abnormal weather going on here. We don't usually get a killing frost here for 2-3 more weeks. and the temps will be quite cool during the day time next week too. Not looking forward to that right now, since I can't carry firewood in.

Soooo since I still can't walk all day in shoes yet cause of my bad toe (which doesn't seem to be improving), I am not able to go to the swap today, but I need a fun project for myself.

I needed to go to town too, but really didn't think I was up to that myself either-and why waste a gorgeous day food shopping--lol

A couple years ago I learned by reading some dyer's blogs over on blogpost about how to mordant cottons to prepare for dyeing with natural plant materials. I found the source thru them of what to buy, and haven't been able to try this yet.

Getting all my stuff together was a chore, cause I had to get up on chairs to reach high shelves-lol-but I got it all together, and just to mordant the fabric is quite a process. But I am going to do that this morning. Since it is a couple hour project in two steps I decided to use my older canning water bath kettle to go ahead and mordant alot of cotton pieces. I can keep them in ziplok bags and store in the frig. til I get everything dyed-which I think will take a couple days. The dyeing is the fun part-(and after mordanting the cotton-needs to stay damp)

I have a porcelein pot I have saved out for my dye projects, but it is not big enough so will need to label this canning kettle as dye pot now. (after using utensils for dye-can not go back and use them for food.)

I picked all the marigold flowers, and I do have some of those in bags in the freezer I can add to if I need more. I am also going to go out and gather some goldenrod to get that gorgeous yellow. I also have yellow onion skins I have been saving for this too, but I don't know if I have enough for more than one piece.

and for breaks I am going to check out all those quilting giveaways, check my last link-there is about 150 bloggers and business's giving away fun quilt stuff.

How is the weather by you all? Hope the storms have finally passed on the east coast.


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