Monday, October 4, 2010

More Yellows in the Dye Pot

When I started this project I knew I would get 3 different shades of yellows, and the onion skins giving me more orange to brown. What I messed up on, and I need to go back to the books, or ask one of my natural dye contacts, is I thought after the dye bath of yellow I could put the fabric into a copper mordant and get green-and that didn't work. Instead I got a very dulled yellow-maybe when rinsed and dried it will give a yellow green.

The marigolds are giving me a deep orangish yellow-different than the onion skins, and I was expecting a beautiful soft yellow from the goldenrod and that's what I am getting. Remember that wool yarn I did a couple years ago in goldenrod-so pretty.

Hubby says-so what are you going to do with all these yellows??? These 4 batches definately all work together, very earthy, so I need to find a simple quilt pattern for these-any ideas?? you quilters out there?

I will still put together a slideshow, sources of information, and what I did in a future blog this week.

first photo is the set up

second and third is the marigolds

fourth was dyed in the marigolds then went into mordant bath-didn't like it so added some goldenrod to soften

fifth and sixth is the goldenrod


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