Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Little of my "Doings" Here

Every morning now for the past few days, I have been helping Larry with the food plot. I am picking up plant materials and sticks and rocks. With Larrys insistence I am only out there 2 hours a day-so far not over doing my back.

Today is just the perfect weather to have been out there all morning, but my back won't take that any more.

Never did get any rain here, we need it, but the longer it doesn't rain, the more time we can spend working in our wildlife food plot; so thats a good thing for us.

I just made up Endlessi's Lemon Sugar Scrub, wow!! is that ever nice. It just takes 3 ingredients, white sugar, olive oil, lemon juice and if you have it some lemon essential oil. I did have the essential oil so used that per her recipe. (I have a link to her recipe in my soap slideshow blog. Of course I had to try it right away, and this is a fabulous gardeners scrub too, and your hands are soooo smoth and soft with the olive oil in there. My kitchen colors are mostly blues and yellows along with the stainless and marble-so the lemony color looks beautiful by the sink too. I had a jar that fit the recipe perfectly except for about 3 tablespoons-so that worked out good too. Thank you Endlessi for sharing your recipe.

I am so delighted I sold a few bars of my soap too-so thank you guys for that. I still have the dragonfly soaps and one butterfly soap left.

Well, I am rested up a bit now from this morning, so have a load of laundry in the wash-all those dusty clothes from working in the food plot, and I am off to see what else needs to be brought in before winter.

Enjoy your wednesday!


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