Friday, October 8, 2010

Just a photo so far of soap

I unmolded the first two batches, there are 3 bars per tray.

My first one, the lavender, smells wonderful. Next time I will get the color right, love the mold. These three bars will be for me to use cause of those little dots of color that are not suppose to there.

The second one is the butterfly mold, with hydrangea, this is a wonderful scent too, and the color not too bad, considering I couldn't wait til pour the second layer as it was dropping in temps too much and the first layer was not set. The colors blended nicely. So these three will work as gifts.

I am working the dragonfly mold now, and I decided to melt in two seperate stages, as it does take quite awhile for the first to set up. and I really love the essential oil for this one-frankencense and myrrh-very very nice

The information on these soap colors kept saying not to add too much color, the lather needs to stay white. I expected these to have more color than they do, but I am using white soap bases instead of clear. I don't like alot of bright colors in my soap, but for my lavender definately want to get a better color.

off to make the second layer for dragonfly soap-hoping third try is the charm


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