Sunday, October 24, 2010

Good Morning Sunday-my ramblings on

We have been waiting on rain all week, all we got so far is very high winds. The town over from us got lots of rain yesterday-now if it would only move over a little-lol

Just a gorgeous October Hunter's moon this morning-so beautiful. If Moonie lived here she would capture an awesome shot with her camera. There is a sky full of these very cool clouds encirling the moon, and on out to cover the entire sky in this circular appearance-very halloween looking-lol

Not good, it started yesterday, but this morning I have a very very sore throat with a bad cough. I am sure it is from allergies, so I need to gargle with a glass of salt water, and drink some hot tea with lemon and honey today

Feeling a little down too, this poor economy is not helping us at all with our Illinois property and renters.

I don't watch much tv, only shows that I actually look forward to seeing is on Tuesday night; both NCIS shows, but was hoping to run into a movie last night. I checked out the Hallmark channel as sometimes on the weekends they will have some movies. Last night I watched two nice love stories-and they ended by 10 pm. I also actually slept last night-which I haven't been able to do last few nights.

The night before I just could not sleep at all-we had very high winds, and the cattle next door were not happy so they were talking almost the entire night. I ended up just working on one of my secret santa swaps that I am in-and got that box finished and ready to mail. I then took up my rug hooking project-figuring I would work on that til I was tired enough to sleep-that was 3 am in the morning. soooo of course yesterday I was a walking zombie-lol

We don't usually do alot for our birthdays,but I wanted to give a little party for Larry's 65th earlier this month, but he didn't want one; so I just made his favorite foods for dinner. So today since I am not feeing all that great, definately nothing happening here-lol The Sunday night football game is the Packers and the Vikings so I will be able to watch both of my football teams on tv-so I like that. Since moving down to Missouri I rarely get to watch my favorite teams and players live on tv. I've been just following them on the NFL network-which is actually kinda cool-at noon you can follow around 10 games all at once.

Enjoy your Sunday


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