Saturday, October 9, 2010

Good Morning Saturday-Any Soapers Today?? and a Song

From South Pacific one of my favorite movies--for Song Saturday

If anyone is making soaps today, scrubs, or any thing for the bath, be sure to blog about it and send me your link here in comments. I will do a final blog and post everyones link there too, so all in one spot for future viewing.

Got woken up in the middle of the night, of course couldn't get back to sleep, so started up on laundry this morning, and I made up a batch of soap with oatmeal. For the scent I used the frankencense and myrrh essential oil-I am really loving that one as much as the lavender.

I have made up 4 pounds of soap so far. I used up the goats milk base and shea butter base. My bars were a nice size, the butterfly mold being the smallest. I ended up with 16 bars of soap from 4 pounds of soap. I have a 2 pound tray left of the natural all white base, so will decide what I want to make next. I am thinking for sure another batch of the dragonfly soap, perhaps with no scent. I need to check my box of essential oils though-they are in much smaller bottles but I may have some mints or something else that would be nice to use.

We will be almost 90 degrees again today and tomorrow-amazing to me since we had three nights of frost already. I am hoping to get out to the food plot this morning before it gets too warm and help Larry. Can't pick up rocks now, but can help pick up sticks and grasses that need to get out of there before planting.

Enjoy your saturday!!


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