Monday, October 18, 2010

Good Morning Monday

Looks like another beautiful week ahead. Temps will drop quite a bit tomorrow and still the possibility of rain. Rest of the week we will stay out of the 80s but be in the 70s-can't complain about that at all.

Larry is off to buy seed for the wildlife food plot this morning. It is too late to plant the clover but will find out what grasses we can put in, possibly some winter wheat too.

I just may get a little domestic stuff done today-lol. Need to catch up on laundry again, my back is a little too touchy to be bending over into my freezers to defrost today, but this might just free me up to make some donuts Not sure yet. I bought a new gluten free flour mix that is rice based so just may try it out on a batch of donuts-which really sounds good now that I think about this-lol

Enjoy your Monday-and here is to an awesome new week for all of us.

poohhappymonday.jpg pooh happy monday image by itlnqt77


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