Thursday, October 7, 2010

Good Morning from the Ozarks-and to my Soap Makers

Another gorgeous day promised, not sure what I will get into today, cause after wearing a shoe for a bit yesterday, my bad toe is super touchy again. I am back to soaking it again; alternating with epsom salts and the comfrey my friend sent me.

Larry is out fishing today, and perhaps the next couple days-as I guess we are getting into the "serious" season for catching fish for the freezer. Yeh!!

I may catch up on some house stuff this morning, and then work on emptying my big pots that had the veggies in them and put those away. I was hoping not to empty these-but my newest ones were hard to get a hold of, and Larry is worried they will crack on me this winter. I have a couple others (plastic) that have gone thru a couple winters now and have not cracked-but will go ahead and put these away.

Soap makers

Are you all ready to make soap tomorrow?? I have been going thru my notes about the melt and pours, rechecking method, tempertures of pour etc, when to add fragrance, when to add the colors and how much, and also methods for suspending oatmeal, and I just checked this morning about how to add the kaolin clay to the melt and pour bases. Their little video explained the different clays but didn't say how to add them.

In the reviews I had read several people unhappy about how soft the bars were, so I talked with the live chat and they suggested the kaolin clay to thicken and harden the melt and pours. This clay is also good for your skin as well. and re reading the overviews on the melt and pours I purchased; the company even suggested to use the kaolin clay in the write ups

. I asked the live chat how and when to add it to the base this morning-and she recommended stirring it into a small amount of melted soap base til well mixed in-then stir that into the rest of the melt and pour base-then add fragrance and then add color.

I bought three different bases shea butter, goat milk, and white-all natural bases with no chemicals added. I also purchased a couple essential oils: relaxation aromatherapy-which is to be a real earthy lavender to use with my lavender mold, frankincense and myrrh blend which just sounded nice to use with my dragonfly mold. and I bought one fragrance oil that is not natural hydrangea fragrance oil-I am thinking that would be nice with my butterfly mold.

The only other thing I need to figure out is a math problem-lol When I added up the ounces in my soap molds-they make 3 bars per sheet-they do not total up to 16 ounces-which everything added in is based on. So I need to figure out that today.

and I guess I definately have enough soap color bars to last for lots and lots of soap-they come 6 cubes to a package-and each cube will color up to 10 pounds of soap. and I bought 5 different colors, mostly cause it was a price break, and I chose colors I could layer in the molds I bought. The colors I chose will not migrate into the layers, are not light sensitive, and won't fade-so they sounded nice. They also will sparkle in clear bases, and in my white bases will be muted and softer-which is what I want. When I first read these would color up to 10 pounds of soap I thought it was for the whole package-lol so each package will color up to 60 pounds of soap-

All of us that are making soap--I know alot of us are brand new to soap making-will be using the melt and pour soap bases, and a couple more experienced soapers will be making soap from scratch--please link up to my blog tomorrow and share your day and experiences, and if you can-lots of photos will be awesome for us all to view.

I want this to be a fun day for all of us, get us motivated, and to learn from each other, and we will all be enjoying making soap together-from all over the states and Canada too.

See ya all tomorrow soap makers.


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