Sunday, October 3, 2010

First Look at my Doings with Mushrooms and Natural Dye on Cotton

First up;  early this morning I worked up the new batch of centrelles, I ended up with 8 pints and 3  1/2 pints.
After taking Nikita for our walk,(limping all the way-lol-cause this broken toe does not want to mend)  and resting my back a bit on the heating pad, I decided to do two batches of natural dye in the house; the onion skins and the mimosa leaves.
When I am finished with the next two batches, which I will do outside this week, I will make up a slideshow and a "how to" of what I did.
I am really pleased with the onion skins. My books said I would get oranges to browns and I did. Love these earthy colors.
Next up is the dried mimosa leaves, which I soaked for a day, then brought it up to just a simmer and added the mordanted cotton quilting fabric. I am to get pretty yellows-and I think I will. I turned the fire off, and will let this sit til this evening or when it cools down-before I rinse and wash it out.
We ended up with a very pretty sunny day, and is to get a bit warmer during the day time, this week. My marigolds and goldenrod batches I will do outside, so maybe tomorrow or the next day when it warms up in the afternoon.


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