Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Facebook--I have now permanently deleted my account

I discussed this before, that I don't feel "safe" on facebook. I have deactivated and reactivated my account a few times there. But today I am finished over there, and finally found how to permanently delete my account.

I go thru my security and account information every month and recheck that I have everything really tight-there is absolutely no personal information listed, and all posts are for friends only or for me only. I turned off something that prohibits business connections to go into my account for information, and I have also turned off the feature that locates where I am typing from. So it is really tight over there.-or so I thought.

Hubby got an email which is different from mine, inviting him to hook up with someone, and then listed all these people we may know. It looked like facebook had gone thru his personal email address list-his email is different than mine. It asked to confirm his email address so he could be in touch with the person that sent this email on facebook. Hubby does not do any sort of blogging, so being curious we went ahead and put in his address. Of course it went to my facebook account, cause I am the one with an account, however the person that supposedly sent this invite was no where on my page. But, his email address was now added to my account.

Soooo that was it for me. I went to the help link at the far right of the screen on the very bottom of the page. Clicking on that, I found under questions--How do I permanently delete my account? So, yes this is what I wanted-and told me what to do. Of course it is giving me 14 days to change my mind before everything is permanently deleted.

So, any of my friends that are connected with me on facebook-I am out of there now, and you can find me here or on blogger.


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