Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Doings Here in my Ozarks

It is still so gorgeous here, and is getting a few degrees warmer every day now. By the weekend the lows will be out of the 30s and into the 50s, and highs close to 80s.

I am still struggling with my broken toe, and lower back-but getting a little better I think-just have so much to do this time of year though. We are still working on getting our food plot cleared for planting, and my back is not allowing me to help much.

More canning-lol---we went to a very small birthday party for a friend, who is dying of cancer yesterday. I made some little cupcakes for us, and since I didn't have any candles, Larry thought of putting in one of our wooden matches for a candle-worked out perfectly-lol While there, Mr. L went into our friend's woods and brought out a big sheepshead mushroom. I love these canned and used on homemade pizzas. We have not been able to find one here in our woods, and they always grow under oaks. We are thinking our woods has had too many very hot fires go thru it within the last 10 years.

So that is what I am doing this morning, while waiting for the sears man-he ordered that new panel for me that was rusting away on my washer-so will he will replace that this morning.

We also got gifted with another 1/2 bushel of missouri pears. These are nicer and bigger than the ones I was working with before. The ones that are ripe I put in the frigerator for eating, and the rest I put in brown bags to ripen-so have to decide what I want to do with these. I may just can up a few quarts of them-not sure yet.

Also, we spyed a huge crop of wild grapes, asked Mr. L about them-and oh yes these are fabulous. So I want them to can juice up with-I learned years ago from my Mom's amish neighbors what they do. Fill a quart jar at least 1/2 full of grapes-pour boiling hot water over them, put the lids on, and can in water bath canner. They will make their own juice this way-without all of the work of boiling and straining thru jelly bags-so I want these-lol

I also just learned about a natural dye site looks full of information-and they are discussing dye on mushrooms-I forgot about that-and we have mushrooms everywhere here. So I just may have to explore that for sure.

So I am off to finish steaming the mushrooms, and then will can up in the pressure canner.

Later How is your Fall day going??


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