Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cracking Black Walnuts

Those of you that have "read me" for a couple years, might remember that two years ago we had a bountiful crop of black walnuts and hickory nuts here. We have a nice black walnut tree in the back yard, and in the front lots of hickorys.

I posted a good article on how to harvest them, but don't know how I tagged it, or I would link to it. Anyways, I did a good job of curing the black walnuts while also keeping them away from the wildlife-lol, and then afterwards I froze them in gallon bags so they wouldn't dry out til I got to them.

The hickorys, I picked those up as soon as I saw them falling, cause they get alot of worms in them I had been told. I didn't cure these, I just froze them too in gallon bags.

I just have not had the time to sit down and crack any of these. I tried last year, but both were just difficult.

So, It was such a gorgeous day here again, full sunshine and back in the 70s too, not alot of wind for a change, so I decided to lay out an old blanket underneath the maple tree by the front of the house, and crack some nuts.

I had two kitties to keep me company, Autumn, and our "Grandma" kitty Calico, so that was nice. The hickorys were very moist, almost too moist and too hard to get out of the shell. They are a much smaller nut too, I need to figure out how to dry these out a bit. Any ideas anyone that has worked with fresh hickorys???

So I then worked on the black walnuts-and they were just perfect. They were still moist and fresh, but cured enough to come right out of the shell after hitting them with the hammer a few times. I ended up doing one whole gallon bag in about 2 hours. I measured what I got and it was 2 and 2/3 cups so not bad. I love black walnuts too-but only fresh ones, cause they are not bitter like the store bought ones-and sooo much cheaper too.

I grew up as a kid with a huge black walnut tree in our yard, and my whole family took take turns cracking these nuts for holiday baking. Dad had set up a big wooden stump in the basement for us to crack the nuts on.

Promises to be another nice day tomorrow too, before colder weather returns. wow November is almost here-amazing


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