Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Bit Frosty here this Morning

Slept pretty good last night, til I woke up-and the air in the house was quite chilly-it did get down to the upper 30s like they had predicted. We always call this "wolf" weather cause Nikita loves it and has started sleeping outside all night now.
Larry went fishing early yesterday morning, when Sandy and I went food shopping. But instead of bringing home fish he brought double the amount of chantarrelles home. It had gotton very windy and almost blew them out of the boat, so they decided to go hunting for mushrooms in the woods. These mushrooms make such a fantastic broth that I decided to can most of these in pints-about half full with the mushrooms and fill up with the steaming water. These will make wonderful soups and gravies that way. Soooo that's what I will be doing this morning.
If my back is up to it, this afternoon if it warms up and not windy-want to start back on my natural dye project. The marigolds definately need to be worked up outside due to their strong odor, but I think I could do the onion skins in the house if too windy.
The frost just may be on the pumpkins the next couple mornings here-definately a bit too early here for a hard freeze. I brought in my pots of amarillas bulbs so I won't need to worry about those, yesterday afternoon
Have an awesome Sunday!!


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