Monday, October 18, 2010

4 Acre Food Plot Seeded- Had to do by Hand Though to Get'er Done

Wow, Turned out to be a long day.

Larry and Mr. L left early to go to town and the farm store to buy seed for our wildlife foot plot this morning. We were able to get most everything except for one grass that needs to go in the ground in February. However, none of the equipment would work-and we had just checked it all out within the last 2 weeks.

The atv would not start, so Mr. L went home to get his. Then we set up the electric seeder-and that wouldn't work, so Larry put on a new motor, and it wasn't quite the right one but figured we would try it-Mr. L drove over a big rock we missed getting out-and that was the end of the motor set up.

By now it was probabaly around 1 in the afternoon, and Larry was so bummed-I said we will just spread it by hand. Mr. L had one of those plastic seeders that you turn with a handle, and I found one too. So we started walking the field, and it didn't go too bad. Larry went to a neighbor and borrowed another hand seeder, but after a couple passes it was too much on his bad knees to walk the long rows-so I said go sit in the shade and Mr. L and I will do what we can. Larry was going to disc all the seed in after we got finished any ways.

Mr.L (who is in his 70s) has bad hips, I forgot about that, and he did alot but had to go home before he finished his side. I finished up my side of the field, and had enough seed to make one more pass on his side. Wow, was I ever feeling it-my bad toe was throbbing, as was my arms and back. Of course I kept picking up big rocks too as I ran into them.

I figured I would sit a spell and wait on Larry to finish with the disc. He was almost finished and we got a little sprinkle of rain. Would have loved to have had a bit more gentle rain on this field, but perhaps tomorrow we will get some rain.We were right on the line of where the rain was, and it was more north of us, so we only got about 10 minutes of it.

We didn't finish up til 5:30pm--I went out to take photos and ended up hand seeding-lol--so glad we got it planted finally.

Now for a long soak in the shower.


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