Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Working up the Pears Now

I got woken up by loud thunder and lightening-and rain-and cool air this morning-Yeh!!
It has been so hot again here, upper 90s with the high humidity so this is a wonderful treat.
We were given about a bushel or more of little pears-very sweet though. and they are mostly all ripe now. I made up a batch of pear brandy, and then I worked up the rest of the ripe ones into a sauce to cook down. Will see how this ends up and tastes. Would be nice to can up some pear sauce-like apple sauce if it works out that way. If not will just cook down like I did the wild plums.
Larry told me this morning, that the apples are ready too. Last year they all got froze out. This friend has 3 different kinds of apples they go so well together for pies and sauce, apple slices. So, my shower project will be put off for another few days.
Back to the kitchen.--Later


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