Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today Turned out to be a NIce "Goof Off" Day lol

We had alot of rain and storms last night, so didn't sleep super well, and we are getting cool at night too, which is nice but am glad it heats up during the day-since our only heat source is the 2 wood stoves-and I am not quite ready for that yet.
I was going to make up another jam this morning-I had a few pears, fresh pineapple, green grapes, and of course apples. So I diced up everything , used agave for the sweetening and some cinnamon. Larry needed a couple fishing items, so I said let's go to town and I will buy ya lunch. We haven't done that in very long time-so that was nice. Then on the way home we stopped over at our friend Mr. L (Larrys fishing partner) and chatted a few hours away visting with some other friends that were there.
Came home, and I finished up the jam and canned it, had another friend drop by that we hadn't seen in awhile so we finished off the apple pie I made yesterday.
Still full from lunch we didn't need any supper. and then the day was over-lol--we need to do that more often.
I was thrilled though, we called up Mr. G last night to come by tomorrow (today) to pick up his pies-that were all finished and in the freezer. He was so excited over the phone. When he stopped over this morning, I bagged up his 5 pies and he says I am going home right now and I am going to bake this one. and then he gave me a big hug and a thank you. I have been doing this swap with him for 4 years now-and this is the first year he was so thrilled about this. It made me happy to see him happy-he is in his 70s, his wife is ill and doesn't cook anymore-so these pies are just a nice treat for him. and he says these apples always went to waste before he met me-I said I canned up alot of goodies from them too-
So tomorrow Larry is going fishing again for more catfish, and I need to make up our frozen pie fillings, and I also really need to defrost my large freezers again. I may just do the freezers first thing.
Nite all-this week has gone by fast, but at least I got alot accomplished-always make me feel good to see the jars fill up with food for the winter. Just takes me back to my roots and my ancestors.
Nite all


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