Friday, September 17, 2010

Still Puttin Up Apples

  I have been keeping pace at putting up 1/2 bushel of apples a day (except for yesterday), and I have now done 3 bushels. It really does alot take alot of apples if you want to put up several things.

  I did the last of the pie fillings today, for us, Yeh!! So no more peeling apples. I am making up another apple brandy batch, and that will be it for apples today.-lol
   I am going to our little farmers market tomorrow to buy some organic beef, and also hope to pick up another variety of apples, just 1/2 bushel or so, to go with what I have left-and juice.
   I really loved the pear juice I canned, so I want to go ahead and can up some apple juice in quarts too.

  That will probably be it for the season, since I don't have access close by for fresh grown veggies, unless I decide to can up some wild mushrooms-if we get a good find of the corals. I bought a box of 1/4 pints which will be perfect for the mushrooms, I also have some 1/2 pint jars left too.

   Up for relaxing a bit, before I tackle the months bills-Later--enjoy your weekend


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