Sunday, September 19, 2010

Someone Up There Is Trying to Slow me Down

I have been working pretty hard, for a retired girl, but I enjoy putting up food-especially when its free and organic besides.
The other day when I finished up with our pie fillings, I was really really tired, and trying to get the plastic packaging off a chicken breast-I cut my finger-really deep. So that was no fun.
Yesterday Sandy and I went to town to visit our little farmers market-mostly to see the guy who raises the grass fed meat, and do other errands in town. I was still really dragging, but that is also cause allergy season is back, and we are back in the 90s and high humidity again-I really thought we were finished with those temps for awhile.
So last night I was too tired to sleep, so I thought I would get up and find a movie to watch-what do I do? I banged my foot into a piece of furniture really hard. I am good at breaking my toes-and I think I just broke one again. It's bad, can't even walk at all-and I had planned on finishing up the apples, or getting to the defrosting of my big freezers-that really need to be done again.
Sandy and I are going for an all day in Springfield, Mo next thursday-errands and to go to a large quilt show-where there will be Lots of walking-so hopefully by then I can put a shoe on and walk.
Larry picked up a little job this morning, so I asked him to take Nikita for her daily walk this morning before he went..
So now I can't do anything, my football teams are not being aired here where I live now-so I am really bummmed for sure.
I am not good at sitting around doing nothing-so this is not good. My toe hurts so bad I can't even put ice on it.
Ok- I am off to see what I can get into today-giggling


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