Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Soap making and more apples

I have been going thru the products and videos at Wholesale Supplies Plus, and I think I have finally narrowed down what I want to purchase.
One of the products, kaolin clay, will not be available til 9-20, so I think I will wait and order than cause they offer free shipping on everything over $15.00. Reading the reviews and information on each of the bases, the company suggest for a harder bar of soap to add in the kaolin clay. There were several complaints in the reviews about the bars being too soft.
I did an online chat about colors and oils, so I am more clear on that now.
I am not good at math so I asked about adding in the fragrances. She recommended 1 teaspoon essential oil for 1 pound of soap, and 1 tablespoon per 1 pound of soap of the fragrance oils. They have some nice oils and fragrances, and alot of natural fragrances too. So knowing that now, will help me decide.
I also read about their colors and I am going to go with the color bars-they give you a price break if you buy 5, and reading about each one-some are good for layering colors and some are not-so I am definately going with the ones you can layer.
For the soap bases I am going to go with their all natural ingredient choices-the goat milk, shea butter, and clear, maybe their all white one too which is suppose to be really creamy with lots of lather which I love.
Today is apple pie making day-so I better get going on that-
Enjoy your wednesday-another pretty day here in the ozarks.


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