Saturday, September 18, 2010


Several years ago I attended a quilt retreat when I first moved down here to Missouri after retirement. One of the crafts that I thought looked like fun; was punchneedle. I bought a needle and the cloth and that's as far as I have gotton-lol
Last week when Sandy and I went to our resale shops, there was a huge box of the fine punchneedle thread, so we each bought bags of it. There were lots of colors. I need to get my needle out, and see what size I bought, cause you do this from fine up to thicker yarns. These were all acrylic threads that we bought-which I don't really care for, but this was an inexpensive way to get alot of colors and try it out. I think these would be neat for my homemade cards.
Here is a beginning video on the process

There is also a part 2 after the video. Have anyone of you done this craft?
I found this marketplace of everything needlepunch
If you do a google search, of course there are lots and lots of patterns availble-I have seen these in quilt stores but I think they are too costly. Would not be too hard to come up with your own design, especially after searching for ideas on the net. Here is a fun idea-needlepunch a design on a purse. I really like this fall purse too
We can all use another fun project-right??


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