Monday, September 20, 2010

pumpkins and needlepunch

This afternoon I read more on needlepunching, checked what I had, and also learned how to use a light box.
I discovered I am all set for needlepunching as I have the small, medium, and large needles. I also had purchased a small piece of the right fabric for this. It took me a bit, but I figured out how to thread my punch as well-which is an accomplishment for me-lol-I thought I was going to have to have friend Sandy figure it out for me-but I think I got it-yeh!
Last week we purchased alot of the acrylic and metalic threads that are designed to be used with this project. and I discovered I do have a couple oranges I can use for my pumpkin, and black as well for the kitty
I searched on photobucket and found this photo, it was very small-so was able to enlarge it a bit on our copier. Sandy had given me an old school kid's lightbox. I have always wanted one of these, as it will make applique much easier, so I figured out how to use it-and was able to copy the photo well enough on to the fabric. This is also an accomplishment for me, cause I wasn't sure if the paper with the photo goes on top or underneath-lol-I am slow at anything and everything mechanical.
From my readings on needlepunch, I also learned that the best fabric to use is 50/50 poly cotton, or any fabric with a weave-as long as it is Not 100% cotton, as the needle will tear the all cotton instead of opening up the weave-so that was good to know. I will be on the hunt now for the 50/50 blend in shirts etc at the resale shops that I can use for this.
If this turns out, I want to use it on my mail art card that I am in a monthly swap over on MaryJanesFarm for our October mail art.
Sooo something new and fun to try out.


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