Saturday, September 11, 2010

Part 2 Apple Jammen

The top photo is the 2nd batch out of the canner-I can see the raisins did not get spread around evenly in the jars-lol
The next photo was the 2nd batch just in the canner.
The last photo with the 3 wide mouth 1/2 pints is my first batch of apple jam.

Kathy's Apple Jam 2
8 cups peeled, cored diced apples into lemon juice water
sun crystals (cane sugar and stevia)
sorgham (mine from Missouri)
Penzeys new cinnamon
lemon juice
Ball's no sugar pectin
These apples were really firm so did not break down well, I think that is why I got so few jars the first time-cause the pears and the grapes broke down to make thicker. I got 7 jars with doubling the batch. (1/2 pints)
Thru out the cooking process I needed to keep adding in 1/4 cups of hot water-apple juice would have been nicer, but I did not have any on hand. I tried to keep the liquid up to level with the apples. I probably ended up adding almost a cup of hot water thru out the cooking process.
The sun crystals-I sprinkled over the apples to coat, while measuring out the 8 cups. For flavor I added in sorgham to taste, helped to carmalized a bit. added in cinnamon to taste. Also a splash of lemon juice went in the pot.
Just before I added in the pectin, I decided to add in a handful of raisins-cooked til they were soft, then added in the pectin slowly and let boil more, then canned it up.
I love the flavor of this batch very much, the sorgham is just awesome in this.


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