Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Pears

This turned out to be Pear Nectar, which I thought it probably would instead of a thick sauce. It is like a watered down sauce-it is sooo delicious.
We are supposed to get a couple more bushels of these if I want them, I am thinking we will run the next batch thru the champion juicer and see how that works out, it would save cooking time, and we might get a clearer juice.
What I did to make this: I cored the pears then sliced with the skin on. To a big pot I added 2 cups of water to get things going so it would not burn. I cooked down til soft then ran thru my cone collander. The Ball book for fruit purees says for every quart of fruit add a cup of water (this was before cooking, and they cored and peeled) So when I had both pots of pears ran thru the collander I added about 4 cups of water and a little lemon juice.
This will make me up some fabulous protein shakes.


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