Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Jam is in the Canner

This turned out sooooo wonderfully delicious! If you just want to make one jam-make this. These flavors all went so well together. It is a combination that just I thought of, but didn't know about-since I saw several recipes for pears and pineapple jam.
I had Larry take a taste while I was canning it up, and he goes" mmmm I hope you wrote down the recipe for this one". Well I did sorta--as I did not measure anything-lol but I know what the ingredients are.
I had one box of the no sugar pectin left, that I used in this, but I was really surprised how thick it got on its own, so you could probably get away with not using any pectin. and I only used 1/2 cup of sweetening in the whole pot. I may just have to make another batch with the pears and pineapple that are left.
I had an odd collection of 1/2 pints that I used, wide mouth and and regular, and I had one 1/4 pint jar left-I filled all the jars with none left over-I love that. I need to pick up another box of those 1/4 pint jars-that is the perfect size to up the last bit of jam that doesn't fill a 1/2 pint.
Back in a bit with a photo


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