Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Day Today--Raining and Pie Making

It turned out to be good day to still be indoors putting up apples-cause we had rain and storms off and on all day today.
I made 5 pies for Mr.G (the friend that gave us all the apples), the crusts and the fillings and froze them. Alot of work, but I am always thankful for the apples. So far I have put up 19 pints of apples slices canned, 19 1/2 pints of applesauce canned, 2 batchs of apple jam, and now this last 1/2 bushel gave me the 5 pies for Mr. G and a very deep dish apple pie-for us.
I hadn't realized it was so late already, when I decided to go ahead and make up a pie for us. By the time I got it into the oven it was 6 pm already.
So simple dinner tonight was fresh caught catfish and baked sweet potatoes-whole, and pie-lol I am anxious to try it, cause these apples are not very juicy.
I was thinking I was now finished with all the peeling but nope, I forgot I need to make up some frozen apple pie filling for us I will probably tackle that tomorrow so it will be completed-and then next up is run the rest thru the juicer.
Nite all


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