Sunday, September 5, 2010

Long Week

I know today actually starts a new week, but this has been a long week for me-lol
Between working in the food plot picking up rocks and sticks before the big storms, and canning most every day now for awhile-I am really feeling it tonight. I worked up the last of the pears today. Many were no good-and gotton over ripe, and about 1/4 of one bucket was really really small so I gave those to the deer and wildlife. I ended up with 6 more quarts of canned juice, and a big jar saved to give to Mr. L for giving us the pears.
I needed to juice in the house cause the bees and hornets found the pears-lol I still cored them outside to keep most of the mess outdoors for easier clean up-but I was dodging the bees the whole while
My back and body are really feeling it, I need to take some time off tomorrow, but this house is a major dissastor and we need to go pick the apples too real soon-but I think we will do that early next week. Lots of major stress going on with our apts in Illinois too--so is not helping.
I made a homemade pizza tonight, and I used a new brand of pizza sauce that I found at one of the grocery stores we visited. It was the store that is pretty far away from us, so I hope I can find it closer by. It is called Dei Fratelli and is totally natural and the pizza sauce was low in salt too.-excellent flavor I really loved it.
So, off to clean up the kitchen and hit the heating pad for a bit-catch ya all later


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