Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Monday

Another super hot week in store for us here in the ozarks, even on the first day of autumn we will be in the 90s or close to it.
Yesterday afternoon, I ended up watching the whole series of the Food Truck Race on Food Network leading up to the final. It is kinda neat watching it this way, cause all the shows are run together in order. I wanted the vietnamese team to win-but they won all the other weeks, so they did good.
I pretty much had my bad foot up on a pillow most of the day. I did not have any epsom salts, or comfrey but I still had a little arnica gel left in a tube; which I don't know if it really helped or not, but I used thru out the day. The first full day after an accident is usually the worse to get thru.
Yesterday morning, I could barely walk. Last night before I went to bed, I decided to put several drops of lavender essential oil on my toe. I do really well with lavender for healing. I should have read about lavender oil again to refresh my memory, cause this morning-I can actually walk better on it. I still can not put a shoe or a boot on, so when I took Nikita out this morning for a mini walk, I had to use a thong sandal.
So this morning I read about lavender and found this:
Lavender helps to reduce inflammation, regenerate skin tissue, and promote healing of bruises. To ease inflammation, place 5 drops of lavender essential oil into a bowl of cold water, wet a washcloth in the lavender solution, and apply as a compress to the affected area. After using the initial compress, apply a drop or two directly upon the bruised area once a day until the area has healed

I wish I would have started doing this yesterday. Sandy has epsom salts on hand so I am going to do a soak with that, alternating with the lavender; and hopefully by thursday morning I can wear a shoe.
For today, I will still be mostly "loafing" the day way. but hope to do some laundry and can do bills while soaking my foot-lol
I am hoping tomorrow to juice and can the rest of the apples, and rest up again on wednesday.
Any plans for your new week??
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