Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gorgeous Day in the Ozarks Today

We have cool now in the evenings going into mornings-which is sooo nice, from what we have had all summer.

Sunshine, and got up to the low 80s. I was really stiff this morning from all the apples the last two days, but decided this afternoon to can some more apple slices.

First though, in the morning, we went over to pick a few more apples, I needed more of the one variety, and to see if there were more larger apples. We found some beautiful larger apples than what I have been working with. Needed enough of these for when I get into making all the pies.

Today, I got into a 1/2 bushel of really small apples that had alot of bad spots in them, so was time consuming to get them worked up.

However, I got going on the apple slices around noon, and ended up with 13 more pints-I stuffed them tight with more apples than yesterday-look so pretty in the jars

Since today was the first sunday of football, Directv turned on their Sunday Ticket for free. So, that was a nice treat for me, cause I get to watch the Packers play-they look pretty good so far.

I went out to one of our out buildings and brought up 3 boxes of pints and quarts to get washed and bleached. It works out well, I have a really big plastic tub that will hold all of them-so they can soak and get bleached til tomorrow afternoon.

Next up, I may can some more apple slices in quarts to use in baking, another batch or two of applesauce would be nice, and then to the pies. I will probably make up 4 to 5 pies complete and then freeze for our neighbor that gave me his apples. Will also freeze a few pie fillings for us. I haven't been able to find the lite Jel for pie fillings that the amish sell sometimes, otherwise would love to can the pie filling.

That's about it--apples and more apples this coming week


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