Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good Morning Saturday

I must have been soooo tired last nite that I slept thru any storm we may have had. It is wetter outside this morning, and we always need to relight the pilot on the tankless water heater when we get alot of wind and rain; and I needed to that this morning for hot water.
I know I woke up with a sinus headache this morning. It ended up getting extremely humid yesterday and high temps again-which I hadn't realized til I walked up the driveway (about 1/2 mile) to get the mail-and wow was it ever hot out there-lol
This morning I got the applesauce jars all washed, and getting set up to make apple jam first thing. I am just going to "wing it" for the recipe-I know I want the apples to be chunky, and reading that recipe for ideas that I posted in links, I may just add a few lavender buds-I still have a pretty big bag of organic buds I bought from Mountain Rose Herbs in the spring. I may just make 2 batches, will see how it works up.
After that, I want to can a batch of apple slices-I usually freeze these, but I am out of space, so will see how they can up. With no cupboards still, I am starting to run out of places for my jars I took over a narrow shelving unit in the living room-and have one shelf left-which I usually store my bottled brandys-but they will just need to go in boxes later-when I get to bottling. The few shelves I have in the utility room are all filled up now-I could really use a large pantry-like a seperate room-but no room here in this house.
Well, I am off to get my saturday going-what are you all doing today? Later I may look for a song for song saturday
I am keeping track of all the 1/2 bushels I put up, just for the heck of it-to see how many apples our friend brought over. There is one real firm tart apple, which I wish I had more of-so need to remember to save a bunch for pies. If it quits raining, which I think it will monday and tuesday-need to go over and see if he has any more of that one, and I think he should have a third apple too-I love having a couple kinds of apples-especially for pies.


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