Saturday, September 4, 2010

Good Morning Saturday and a Song

Yep, it really did get down to 49 degrees last night, felt good though. We will be cool today, and normal tomorow, and then back to hot and humid.

If I want to catch up on the rest of the laundry, then I need to make up laundry supplies- So that's what I am doing this morning. lol

Once we have daylight, and it warms up outside, I will tackle the pears. I am going to have Larry help set me up outside with our champion juicer-as it has been quite a few years since I used this.

A great machine though, another one of our kitchen tools that was made in the usa when we bought it and we have had it for over 25 years now. I used this really hard to make and can v 8 juices, lots of tomato products, and I used to can up alot of my own juices. Here is a link to their site and looks like they are still made here. If you need a work horse of a juicer this is an excellent machine. It does take up alot of counter space, so I have always used this for canning and then packed it away. I have a smaller juicer that can sit on the counter. What I have always liked about this machine, is you can put bushels thru this non stop without having to clean anything til your finished. An excellent design. I just emailed and asked if they are still made in the usa.

I am to make up laundry detergent, and drink a cup of hot tea.

Bruce Springsteen one of my all time favorites


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