Friday, September 3, 2010


I have not had access to wild elderberries since we left Illinois. We made a mean batch of wine one year that turned to whiskey-lol
I have been noticing now that they grow along some of the back roads here. I asked my herb teacher about this-I am going to name him Mr. L, and he says oh yes I know where they all are too. So one day soon, we will be doing that.
I have never made a jam or jelly with these, so I am on the hunt for a recipe. this one looks good cause it is a jam, just need to change it over to less sugar and my no sugar pectin recipe.

Picking elderberries
here is a jelly how to:

another recipe for jam
Note: Elderberries should never be eaten raw. All parts of the plant contain the toxin hydrocyanic acid which is destroyed by cooking. Red elderberry (S. pubens) is considered poisonous and should not be used since cooking does not destroy enough of the toxin.


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