Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beautiful Autumn Week here in the Ozarks

puss_n_pumpkins.jpg Black Cat on Pumpkins image by BgKilley620
It's been such a gorgeous week here, that it is definately no fun being down with a bad lower back, and still a foot that won't fit into a shoe-sigh
Yesterday morning went well with the repairman for my washer. Turned out the belt just needed adjustment, and there is a panel on the bottom front that comes off-and it is soooo rusty and I had asked about what could be done last year-and none of the repairman picked up on it. So I asked this repairman and he ordered me a new one-so happy about that, as it sits just below the door (front loading) and is getting worse by the day. So I got my money back from the years service agreement with this visit. I think it is ridiculous to need to pay 100.00 a year to keep my machine going. I am just too far out in the country though to go back to washing at the laundromat-I love the convenience of doing laundry at home, as I seem to do alot of laundry here-living in the woods and with a mechanic-lol
It is soooo difficult for me, not to get into projects that need being done-clean house, defrost two big freezers, yard work, the list goes on. I picked up the vacuum cleaner yesterday to make room for the repairman-and that was a mistake, and I took Nikita for a walk yesterday cause she wouldn't go out with Larry while it was still dark-and that is still a mistake, so working on some online business stuff that needed to be done this morning, and then will look for some other sit down projects-
I signed up for a christmas swap over on Mary Janes Farm forum so may work on that, and can always work on my mailart for November too. I was hoping to go with Sandy tomorrow to a really big swap and flea market. We went last year and was alot of fun, the weather will be perfect tomorrow too, but I think all the walking is not good for me right now-another sigh
The steroid shot seemed to help yesterday morning, but by evening I was bad again, and still am-this back sometimes can have me "laid" up for a month-not good going into firewood carrying season-lol
But I always try to remind myself things could be much worse-so I do try to look at the positive.
Enjoy your day!!


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