Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Blogger Giveaway

I just stumbled into this on another's blog-this is so much fun and it just starts October 1st    this was done earlier in spring or summer-and somuch fun-- there are lots of business's and blogs giving away great things-check it out  I just made a button to the right-click on the scarecrow

Beautiful Autumn Week here in the Ozarks

puss_n_pumpkins.jpg Black Cat on Pumpkins image by BgKilley620
It's been such a gorgeous week here, that it is definately no fun being down with a bad lower back, and still a foot that won't fit into a shoe-sigh
Yesterday morning went well with the repairman for my washer. Turned out the belt just needed adjustment, and there is a panel on the bottom front that comes off-and it is soooo rusty and I had asked about what could be done last year-and none of the repairman picked up on it. So I asked this repairman and he ordered me a new one-so happy about that, as it sits just below the door (front loading) and is getting worse by the day. So I got my money back from the years service agreement with this visit. I think it is ridiculous to need to pay 100.00 a year to keep my machine going. I am just too far out in the country though to go back to washing at the laundromat-I love the convenience of doing laundry at home, as I seem to do alot of laundry here-living in the woods and with a mechanic-lol
It is soooo difficult for me, not to get into projects that need being done-clean house, defrost two big freezers, yard work, the list goes on. I picked up the vacuum cleaner yesterday to make room for the repairman-and that was a mistake, and I took Nikita for a walk yesterday cause she wouldn't go out with Larry while it was still dark-and that is still a mistake, so working on some online business stuff that needed to be done this morning, and then will look for some other sit down projects-
I signed up for a christmas swap over on Mary Janes Farm forum so may work on that, and can always work on my mailart for November too. I was hoping to go with Sandy tomorrow to a really big swap and flea market. We went last year and was alot of fun, the weather will be perfect tomorrow too, but I think all the walking is not good for me right now-another sigh
The steroid shot seemed to help yesterday morning, but by evening I was bad again, and still am-this back sometimes can have me "laid" up for a month-not good going into firewood carrying season-lol
But I always try to remind myself things could be much worse-so I do try to look at the positive.
Enjoy your day!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MMM Hubby brought home dinner

A gorgeous day today, but after all day fishing Larry brought one catfish home that was big enough to keep. So he is dinner tonight, plus his fishing partner Mr.L picked these gorgeous chanterelles. I have never had these before, found this informative site about them.


stop by my friend Molly for a chance to win a magazine subscription. she is also looking for the 250th follower to give away a special price

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wild mushrooms and garden veggies for supper

I needed a bit of a stretch, so decided to take a walk around. I really didn't have much of a garden but I had spotted some more sweet red peppers. Nice surprise was able to pick a few little tomatoes-red and yellow, and amazing a handful of green beans-they hadn't grown all summer due to the 100 plus temps-so that was nice. So I sauted some coral mushrooms just picked today (rest are dehydrated already) and added the veggies. Will go nice with our sweet potatoe (just baked in microwave) and pan broiled chicken breast with tandoori spices.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just Got Back With a Big Bag of "Food from the Woods"

Perfect weather here for mushroom hunting. We know the spot now where to find lots of coral mushrooms, and it's not too far from the house-we go past the front pond, turn into the first food plot, and start looking in the nearby woods.
I have these really nice cloth bags that I have saved for our mushroom hunting, so brought along two. We filled one with the corals, and the other one we picked mushrooms we didn't know-to identify.
I just picked up a brand new book by Missouri conservation on identifying the mushrooms here-so will have Larry do that.
I have the corals soaking in a porcelain pan of salt water.

Art Sunday Painting Pumpkins

When we lived in Illinois, down the road a little past Harvard, Il, was a farm with a market, a little restaurant in one of their barns, and come fall they had the most fabulous painted pumpkins. The person that did them was a real artist and I just loved them, and I usually brought one home with me.
Since that popped into my head this morning, I am searching online for painted pumpkins.
Here is a little how to if you want to have some fun and try it
and here too like don't "wash" your pumpkin with water-or it will rot around the stem

from here

from here

from here

from here
I found this artist that paints pumpkins

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pumpkin Ice Cream

pumpkin ice cream
I was looking for a recipe that did not use so many eggs, but this is such a delicious and beautiful looking recipe-I thought I would share any ways Ny David Lebovitz

Here is a good base recipe to start off from using less eggs and I don't use white sugar any more unless I use a bit of organic sugar, sorgham would be good in this or agave
Another similiar recipe by Williams-Sonoma
Pumpkin Ice Cream

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Harvest Moon in the Ozarks

I took out my little digital camera to see if I could get a photo-I did! It is a warm beautiful night here tonight.

A Nice Day In Our Ozarks

I always feel good putting food up---I got apple juice in jars, and Larry caught a pan full of catfish for the freezer---Good Eats

We are to have a gorgeous Harvest Moon tonight---go take a look if you can.

Monday, September 20, 2010

pumpkins and needlepunch

This afternoon I read more on needlepunching, checked what I had, and also learned how to use a light box.
I discovered I am all set for needlepunching as I have the small, medium, and large needles. I also had purchased a small piece of the right fabric for this. It took me a bit, but I figured out how to thread my punch as well-which is an accomplishment for me-lol-I thought I was going to have to have friend Sandy figure it out for me-but I think I got it-yeh!
Last week we purchased alot of the acrylic and metalic threads that are designed to be used with this project. and I discovered I do have a couple oranges I can use for my pumpkin, and black as well for the kitty
I searched on photobucket and found this photo, it was very small-so was able to enlarge it a bit on our copier. Sandy had given me an old school kid's lightbox. I have always wanted one of these, as it will make applique much easier, so I figured out how to use it-and was able to copy the photo well enough on to the fabric. This is also an accomplishment for me, cause I wasn't sure if the paper with the photo goes on top or underneath-lol-I am slow at anything and everything mechanical.
From my readings on needlepunch, I also learned that the best fabric to use is 50/50 poly cotton, or any fabric with a weave-as long as it is Not 100% cotton, as the needle will tear the all cotton instead of opening up the weave-so that was good to know. I will be on the hunt now for the 50/50 blend in shirts etc at the resale shops that I can use for this.
If this turns out, I want to use it on my mail art card that I am in a monthly swap over on MaryJanesFarm for our October mail art.
Sooo something new and fun to try out.

It's Monday

Another super hot week in store for us here in the ozarks, even on the first day of autumn we will be in the 90s or close to it.
Yesterday afternoon, I ended up watching the whole series of the Food Truck Race on Food Network leading up to the final. It is kinda neat watching it this way, cause all the shows are run together in order. I wanted the vietnamese team to win-but they won all the other weeks, so they did good.
I pretty much had my bad foot up on a pillow most of the day. I did not have any epsom salts, or comfrey but I still had a little arnica gel left in a tube; which I don't know if it really helped or not, but I used thru out the day. The first full day after an accident is usually the worse to get thru.
Yesterday morning, I could barely walk. Last night before I went to bed, I decided to put several drops of lavender essential oil on my toe. I do really well with lavender for healing. I should have read about lavender oil again to refresh my memory, cause this morning-I can actually walk better on it. I still can not put a shoe or a boot on, so when I took Nikita out this morning for a mini walk, I had to use a thong sandal.
So this morning I read about lavender and found this:
Lavender helps to reduce inflammation, regenerate skin tissue, and promote healing of bruises. To ease inflammation, place 5 drops of lavender essential oil into a bowl of cold water, wet a washcloth in the lavender solution, and apply as a compress to the affected area. After using the initial compress, apply a drop or two directly upon the bruised area once a day until the area has healed

I wish I would have started doing this yesterday. Sandy has epsom salts on hand so I am going to do a soak with that, alternating with the lavender; and hopefully by thursday morning I can wear a shoe.
For today, I will still be mostly "loafing" the day way. but hope to do some laundry and can do bills while soaking my foot-lol
I am hoping tomorrow to juice and can the rest of the apples, and rest up again on wednesday.
Any plans for your new week??
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Someone Up There Is Trying to Slow me Down

I have been working pretty hard, for a retired girl, but I enjoy putting up food-especially when its free and organic besides.
The other day when I finished up with our pie fillings, I was really really tired, and trying to get the plastic packaging off a chicken breast-I cut my finger-really deep. So that was no fun.
Yesterday Sandy and I went to town to visit our little farmers market-mostly to see the guy who raises the grass fed meat, and do other errands in town. I was still really dragging, but that is also cause allergy season is back, and we are back in the 90s and high humidity again-I really thought we were finished with those temps for awhile.
So last night I was too tired to sleep, so I thought I would get up and find a movie to watch-what do I do? I banged my foot into a piece of furniture really hard. I am good at breaking my toes-and I think I just broke one again. It's bad, can't even walk at all-and I had planned on finishing up the apples, or getting to the defrosting of my big freezers-that really need to be done again.
Sandy and I are going for an all day in Springfield, Mo next thursday-errands and to go to a large quilt show-where there will be Lots of walking-so hopefully by then I can put a shoe on and walk.
Larry picked up a little job this morning, so I asked him to take Nikita for her daily walk this morning before he went..
So now I can't do anything, my football teams are not being aired here where I live now-so I am really bummmed for sure.
I am not good at sitting around doing nothing-so this is not good. My toe hurts so bad I can't even put ice on it.
Ok- I am off to see what I can get into today-giggling

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Several years ago I attended a quilt retreat when I first moved down here to Missouri after retirement. One of the crafts that I thought looked like fun; was punchneedle. I bought a needle and the cloth and that's as far as I have gotton-lol
Last week when Sandy and I went to our resale shops, there was a huge box of the fine punchneedle thread, so we each bought bags of it. There were lots of colors. I need to get my needle out, and see what size I bought, cause you do this from fine up to thicker yarns. These were all acrylic threads that we bought-which I don't really care for, but this was an inexpensive way to get alot of colors and try it out. I think these would be neat for my homemade cards.
Here is a beginning video on the process

There is also a part 2 after the video. Have anyone of you done this craft?
I found this marketplace of everything needlepunch
If you do a google search, of course there are lots and lots of patterns availble-I have seen these in quilt stores but I think they are too costly. Would not be too hard to come up with your own design, especially after searching for ideas on the net. Here is a fun idea-needlepunch a design on a purse. I really like this fall purse too
We can all use another fun project-right??

Art Sunday Katsushika Hokusai

I am not familiar with alot of artists, that's why I have always enjoyed art sundays-cause I can learn from other's posts.
For this week I put in the year 1849 to see what choices of artists I would find, and I fell in love with Hokusai.
This is a very informative site about his works.

Hokusai (1760-1849)

Katsushika Hokusai, Japan's best known artist, is ironically Japan's least Japanese artist. Japan's best known woodblock print, The Great Wave, is very un-Japanese. Welcome to the artist often known as Hokusai.
Hokusai (1760-1849) lived during the Tokugawa period (1600 to 1867). In a Japan of traditional Confucian values and feudal regimentation, Hokusai was a thoroughly Bohemian artist: cocky, quarrelsome, restless, aggressive, and sensational. He fought with his teachers and was often thrown out of art schools. As a stubborn artistic genius, he was single-mindedly obsessed with art. Hokusai left over 30,000 works, including silk paintings, woodblock prints, picture books, manga, travel illustrations, erotic illustrations, paintings, and sketches. Some of his paintings were public spectacles which measured over 200 sq. meters (2,000 sq. feet.) He didn't care much for being sensible or social respect; he signed one of his last works as "The Art-Crazy Old Man". In his 89 years, Hokusai changed his name some thirty times (Hokusai wasn't his real name) and lived in at least ninety homes. We laugh and recognize him as an artist, but wait, that's because we see him as a Western artist, long before the West arrived in Japan.

above and more from here
more of his beautiful works here
and more information on his life here

Friday, September 17, 2010

Still Puttin Up Apples

  I have been keeping pace at putting up 1/2 bushel of apples a day (except for yesterday), and I have now done 3 bushels. It really does alot take alot of apples if you want to put up several things.

  I did the last of the pie fillings today, for us, Yeh!! So no more peeling apples. I am making up another apple brandy batch, and that will be it for apples today.-lol
   I am going to our little farmers market tomorrow to buy some organic beef, and also hope to pick up another variety of apples, just 1/2 bushel or so, to go with what I have left-and juice.
   I really loved the pear juice I canned, so I want to go ahead and can up some apple juice in quarts too.

  That will probably be it for the season, since I don't have access close by for fresh grown veggies, unless I decide to can up some wild mushrooms-if we get a good find of the corals. I bought a box of 1/4 pints which will be perfect for the mushrooms, I also have some 1/2 pint jars left too.

   Up for relaxing a bit, before I tackle the months bills-Later--enjoy your weekend

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today Turned out to be a NIce "Goof Off" Day lol

We had alot of rain and storms last night, so didn't sleep super well, and we are getting cool at night too, which is nice but am glad it heats up during the day-since our only heat source is the 2 wood stoves-and I am not quite ready for that yet.
I was going to make up another jam this morning-I had a few pears, fresh pineapple, green grapes, and of course apples. So I diced up everything , used agave for the sweetening and some cinnamon. Larry needed a couple fishing items, so I said let's go to town and I will buy ya lunch. We haven't done that in very long time-so that was nice. Then on the way home we stopped over at our friend Mr. L (Larrys fishing partner) and chatted a few hours away visting with some other friends that were there.
Came home, and I finished up the jam and canned it, had another friend drop by that we hadn't seen in awhile so we finished off the apple pie I made yesterday.
Still full from lunch we didn't need any supper. and then the day was over-lol--we need to do that more often.
I was thrilled though, we called up Mr. G last night to come by tomorrow (today) to pick up his pies-that were all finished and in the freezer. He was so excited over the phone. When he stopped over this morning, I bagged up his 5 pies and he says I am going home right now and I am going to bake this one. and then he gave me a big hug and a thank you. I have been doing this swap with him for 4 years now-and this is the first year he was so thrilled about this. It made me happy to see him happy-he is in his 70s, his wife is ill and doesn't cook anymore-so these pies are just a nice treat for him. and he says these apples always went to waste before he met me-I said I canned up alot of goodies from them too-
So tomorrow Larry is going fishing again for more catfish, and I need to make up our frozen pie fillings, and I also really need to defrost my large freezers again. I may just do the freezers first thing.
Nite all-this week has gone by fast, but at least I got alot accomplished-always make me feel good to see the jars fill up with food for the winter. Just takes me back to my roots and my ancestors.
Nite all

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Day Today--Raining and Pie Making

It turned out to be good day to still be indoors putting up apples-cause we had rain and storms off and on all day today.
I made 5 pies for Mr.G (the friend that gave us all the apples), the crusts and the fillings and froze them. Alot of work, but I am always thankful for the apples. So far I have put up 19 pints of apples slices canned, 19 1/2 pints of applesauce canned, 2 batchs of apple jam, and now this last 1/2 bushel gave me the 5 pies for Mr. G and a very deep dish apple pie-for us.
I hadn't realized it was so late already, when I decided to go ahead and make up a pie for us. By the time I got it into the oven it was 6 pm already.
So simple dinner tonight was fresh caught catfish and baked sweet potatoes-whole, and pie-lol I am anxious to try it, cause these apples are not very juicy.
I was thinking I was now finished with all the peeling but nope, I forgot I need to make up some frozen apple pie filling for us I will probably tackle that tomorrow so it will be completed-and then next up is run the rest thru the juicer.
Nite all

Soap making and more apples

I have been going thru the products and videos at Wholesale Supplies Plus, and I think I have finally narrowed down what I want to purchase.
One of the products, kaolin clay, will not be available til 9-20, so I think I will wait and order than cause they offer free shipping on everything over $15.00. Reading the reviews and information on each of the bases, the company suggest for a harder bar of soap to add in the kaolin clay. There were several complaints in the reviews about the bars being too soft.
I did an online chat about colors and oils, so I am more clear on that now.
I am not good at math so I asked about adding in the fragrances. She recommended 1 teaspoon essential oil for 1 pound of soap, and 1 tablespoon per 1 pound of soap of the fragrance oils. They have some nice oils and fragrances, and alot of natural fragrances too. So knowing that now, will help me decide.
I also read about their colors and I am going to go with the color bars-they give you a price break if you buy 5, and reading about each one-some are good for layering colors and some are not-so I am definately going with the ones you can layer.
For the soap bases I am going to go with their all natural ingredient choices-the goat milk, shea butter, and clear, maybe their all white one too which is suppose to be really creamy with lots of lather which I love.
Today is apple pie making day-so I better get going on that-
Enjoy your wednesday-another pretty day here in the ozarks.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gorgeous Day in the Ozarks Today

We have cool now in the evenings going into mornings-which is sooo nice, from what we have had all summer.

Sunshine, and got up to the low 80s. I was really stiff this morning from all the apples the last two days, but decided this afternoon to can some more apple slices.

First though, in the morning, we went over to pick a few more apples, I needed more of the one variety, and to see if there were more larger apples. We found some beautiful larger apples than what I have been working with. Needed enough of these for when I get into making all the pies.

Today, I got into a 1/2 bushel of really small apples that had alot of bad spots in them, so was time consuming to get them worked up.

However, I got going on the apple slices around noon, and ended up with 13 more pints-I stuffed them tight with more apples than yesterday-look so pretty in the jars

Since today was the first sunday of football, Directv turned on their Sunday Ticket for free. So, that was a nice treat for me, cause I get to watch the Packers play-they look pretty good so far.

I went out to one of our out buildings and brought up 3 boxes of pints and quarts to get washed and bleached. It works out well, I have a really big plastic tub that will hold all of them-so they can soak and get bleached til tomorrow afternoon.

Next up, I may can some more apple slices in quarts to use in baking, another batch or two of applesauce would be nice, and then to the pies. I will probably make up 4 to 5 pies complete and then freeze for our neighbor that gave me his apples. Will also freeze a few pie fillings for us. I haven't been able to find the lite Jel for pie fillings that the amish sell sometimes, otherwise would love to can the pie filling.

That's about it--apples and more apples this coming week

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Art Sunday Apples

I have apples on my mind-still have 2 1/2 bushels to put up

from here

from here

from here
and for our art sunday host Nemo

from here

from here

Apple Slices in the Canner

Well it will be around 5 pm when these come out of the canner, so I think I am done for the day-lol
I got 7 pints, these are alot of work too with all the peeling, slicing, and cooking first, then canning.
I think they will be nice though, we love hot apple slices in the winter time, now that these are canned will go faster, just heat up and serve.
I most always can with a very light syrup, I don't like things real sweet and Larry can't have alot of sugar. For this syrup I used 12 cups of water, 1 cup of organic demerara sugar from florida crystals-which is a dark, richer sugar, and I added about 1/4 cup of honey, and also added in some Penzeys new cinnamon-delicious!

Part 2 Apple Jammen

The top photo is the 2nd batch out of the canner-I can see the raisins did not get spread around evenly in the jars-lol
The next photo was the 2nd batch just in the canner.
The last photo with the 3 wide mouth 1/2 pints is my first batch of apple jam.

Kathy's Apple Jam 2
8 cups peeled, cored diced apples into lemon juice water
sun crystals (cane sugar and stevia)
sorgham (mine from Missouri)
Penzeys new cinnamon
lemon juice
Ball's no sugar pectin
These apples were really firm so did not break down well, I think that is why I got so few jars the first time-cause the pears and the grapes broke down to make thicker. I got 7 jars with doubling the batch. (1/2 pints)
Thru out the cooking process I needed to keep adding in 1/4 cups of hot water-apple juice would have been nicer, but I did not have any on hand. I tried to keep the liquid up to level with the apples. I probably ended up adding almost a cup of hot water thru out the cooking process.
The sun crystals-I sprinkled over the apples to coat, while measuring out the 8 cups. For flavor I added in sorgham to taste, helped to carmalized a bit. added in cinnamon to taste. Also a splash of lemon juice went in the pot.
Just before I added in the pectin, I decided to add in a handful of raisins-cooked til they were soft, then added in the pectin slowly and let boil more, then canned it up.
I love the flavor of this batch very much, the sorgham is just awesome in this.

Apple Jam Making

I forgot how time consuming preparing apples for jams are. These apples are definately organic-all different sizes, a few worm holes to cut around, and these are very hard and crisp.
Here is a link to EbyJo's apple jam recipe, hers is wonderful if you are using the regular pectin and sugar.
I am experimenting again this morning with Ball's no sugar pectin. These work with no sugar at all, or can sweeten with anything to your liking. Another note-be sure to follow your instincts when developing a new recipe-I usually do, but didn't this time for my first batch.
The Ball no sugar pectin's general recipe formula is to use 4 cups of fruit, a little lemon juice, and the pectin. When I was cutting up the fruit for my first batch I thought "ya know, I should really double the recipe to 8 cups so I get a few jars"-I didn't do that-and ended up with 3 1/2 pints. My other thought while I was cooking it down, was "to only use 1/2 box of pectin, it would save money for one, and I have pectin in the apples, doesn't look like I am going to get that many jars"---but I didn't, so it really thickened up,and I needed to add in a little hot water to thin it down.
But, I am really happy with the flavor, and the next batch I will double the fruit to the box of pectin, and will work up another flavor.
Kathy's Batch 1 Apple Jam
2 cups peeled, cored, diced apples-(cut into lemon juice water)
1 cup peeled, cored, diced pear-(cut into lemon juice warer)
1 cup peeled chopped large green grapes
1/4 cup organic sugar
1/4 cup honey
Penzys new cinnamon to taste
mace-just a sprinkling
Ball's no sugar pectin (suggest 1/2 box)
I set up a big bowl of cold water and pour in some fresh lemon juice-this adds flavor to the fruit, and keeps them whiter
Take a pot and add in all the fruit and honey and sugar. Let set for at least an hour so the fruit develops some sugar. This would even be better to do the night before and store in frig-make jam next morning-I wasn't that organized-hehehe
Cook on low heat, til the apples are tender, adding in the cinnaon and mace
I added in about a tablespoon of lemon juice for good measure.
When everything is soft and thickened, and boiling-slowly add in the pectin while stirring. Let boil good for another 5 minutes or so. Turn off heat put a lid on, and let set for 5 minutes. This helps to thicken with the no sugar pectin.
Have your jars boiling on the rack upside down in your water bath canner. Place lids in a bowl of every hot weather.
Fill your jars, be sure to clean the rim well, place the lids on and return jars to the canner. Process for 10 minutes. Take out and let cool. wash up and label your jars next day.
A note: I picked up this tip over on mary janes farm forum-if you have hard water, like I do, add a good splash of white vinegar to your canner-what a difference it makes, your jars will not be covered with that hard lime.
I never liked the idea of heating jars in the oven. I have always put my jars in the rack upside in the canner, bring it all to a boil, and take out each jar and fill. So much easier for me.
second recipe and photos to follow

Good Morning Saturday

I must have been soooo tired last nite that I slept thru any storm we may have had. It is wetter outside this morning, and we always need to relight the pilot on the tankless water heater when we get alot of wind and rain; and I needed to that this morning for hot water.
I know I woke up with a sinus headache this morning. It ended up getting extremely humid yesterday and high temps again-which I hadn't realized til I walked up the driveway (about 1/2 mile) to get the mail-and wow was it ever hot out there-lol
This morning I got the applesauce jars all washed, and getting set up to make apple jam first thing. I am just going to "wing it" for the recipe-I know I want the apples to be chunky, and reading that recipe for ideas that I posted in links, I may just add a few lavender buds-I still have a pretty big bag of organic buds I bought from Mountain Rose Herbs in the spring. I may just make 2 batches, will see how it works up.
After that, I want to can a batch of apple slices-I usually freeze these, but I am out of space, so will see how they can up. With no cupboards still, I am starting to run out of places for my jars I took over a narrow shelving unit in the living room-and have one shelf left-which I usually store my bottled brandys-but they will just need to go in boxes later-when I get to bottling. The few shelves I have in the utility room are all filled up now-I could really use a large pantry-like a seperate room-but no room here in this house.
Well, I am off to get my saturday going-what are you all doing today? Later I may look for a song for song saturday
I am keeping track of all the 1/2 bushels I put up, just for the heck of it-to see how many apples our friend brought over. There is one real firm tart apple, which I wish I had more of-so need to remember to save a bunch for pies. If it quits raining, which I think it will monday and tuesday-need to go over and see if he has any more of that one, and I think he should have a third apple too-I love having a couple kinds of apples-especially for pies.

Friday, September 10, 2010

1/2 Bushel of Apples in Jars

11 1/2 pints of organic applesauce-not bad for a mornings work-lol

Putting Up Apples

These trays of sweet peppers and okra will be ready to come out of the dehydrator early this afternoon. I am working up a couple pots of apples to make into sauce.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

In the Kitchen This Morning

I still had that big carton of ricotta cheese that I wanted to use, so found this recipe under Sea's Italian recipes (she has this set for her network) I didn't have the candied orange peel-which actually I have not been able to buy for a long time in the stores, so I used candied red cherries, and for the chocolate I used dark chocolate. I did have organic orange peels in the freezer that I had saved, so I had the zest. I have never made a cheesecake like this before, I hope Larry really likes it-much less sugar and fat than a traditional cheesecake that I am used to making, even with the candied fruits. I liked that it used lots of egg whites and only 1 yolk.
I will add a photo once its out of the oven and cooled.
Next up, is to mix up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, I still have a bag of the nestle chocolate mint chips that my friend from Wisconsin brought down for me-they don't sell them here-usually these are available in the winter months.
and since it's not raining hard still, will slice up the okra for the dehydrator.
I still have a half container of the ricotta I need to use up too. I think this will be a relaxing baking day in the kitchen today.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More Canning Ahead

I was working all day, cleaning a little, and catching up on the main laundry, so don't know why I didn't hear our neighbor come over.
He thought no one was home, cause Larry was out with the truck-guess what he brought? These are full of apples-he was worried about the storm coming so he picked these for us. We just haven't had the chance to get over there yet.
We still need to go over and pick another variety that he has-the 3 together make a great pie. I usually make several pies for him and then freeze. Then all he has to do is bake them. He usually eats all the pies in a month-lol I may hold back a couple and surprise him come the holidays.


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