Saturday, August 14, 2010

This morning looking for soap molds

I am still browsing online looking for the melt and pour soap bases, and also for molds now.

I know you can just pour into plastic containers and such and then slice-but I don't think I want to do that, molds are more fun.

Sea I found mermaids here this same site is a little pricey, but I love the details-more here


loaves or soap trays-wow these can be very pricey too, and then you still have to buy a cutter to cut the soap apart this site is more reasonable but I am thinking to do this, you could find something around the house to use as a mold, just use vaseline to grease well, or I saw on a video to use oven bags-as the soap will not stick to it.

I hadn't thought of these molds being so pricey-for the good ones

found a shop on etsy and more molds here

I don't have any stores near me to buy things like this, I may have to get creative now, and think about what I have here that would work. If any of you come across a good site for soap molds please let us know


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