Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sunday Brunch and Gardens

Welcome to our gardens and Sunday Brunch!
Sea Nymph has two posts for today first one and second one a gorgeous tour of her gardens and brunch.
On to Trish Her garden is doing wonderful too with organics and heirlooms, and of course brunch is served as well.
If you would like to join us for a tour of your gardens and brunch, please send a link to any of us-Enjoy!!

As you can tell from most of the photos-high 90s and 100s since early June is not too good for the garden.

Enjoy Brunch!
LOGO-clear-editd2.jpg The Garden Brunch Cafe image by iayaalis
47062669_4bba1b1c07.jpg FRESH FRUIT image by nevadajacqueline
LOX-Sliced.jpg delicious image by sinayhead

eggs-benedict.jpg Eggs Benedict image by Fancerella
cristalbaby.jpg champaign image by carloo_10
(note all photos for my cyber brunch from Photobucket-enjoy!!) I am doing a cyber brunch today as today is canning day for me-making bread and butter pickles, sweet relish, and salsa


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