Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sun Painting

Murphys Law-lol-Of course after I got myself all set up, painted my first piece of muslin-the sun when under the clouds and stayed there.

I still had fun, and that was the whole point, and if I am lucky enough to get some nice pieces to sew with, that will be a plus.

Since the sun was not out and hot, my stencils did not work so good, so I mixed up paints and kinda played around-painting around the stencil-so we will see what happens when they dry. almost looks like it could rain here too, and we were not suppose to have any rain for awhile.

I forgot all about this stencils last year when Sandy and I did this for the first time. I made these stencils for a quilt project I was doing-those raggy quilts. Instead of just sewing a big X in the squares like they tell you to do, I made these stencils drew around them on the squares and sewed on the line-cool! lol

The cool down here is fabulous though, a hint of fall in the air-I just loved it. Those weeks on end of 100s was just too much.

Here is a few photos of the process. These are Pebeco translucent paints from France-we found them at the resale shop last year, and I still had some paint left over.

Once these dry, I also sprinkled salt on them, I brush that off, and then iron real well. Next day I will wash again in synthropal to remove all the excess dye. and they will be ready to quilt and sew with.


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