Friday, August 13, 2010

Soap Making Supplies Hunt

I am just not getting into a good project today, so I fixed up a big pan of popcorn for lunch, sprinkled sea salt, olive oil, and a cheese spice from penzeys all over it-good! lol

So, I decided to check the net for soap making supplies. My funds are scarce these days, and I am looking for simple but good results too-so I am looking for good soap bases. You can find them in bulk, and then you basicly just heat and melt-can add more things to this soap if you want to, and then pour into molds.

In the past I have melted down glyercin base melt and pour soaps, which I enjoyed making cause I added in my own herbs to the soaps, and I also added some scents, and some extra things like shea butter, or jojaba oils. However, for me I did not like these pure glycerin soaps, cause they do not lather up well. and I like lots of suds in my soaps lol With my allergies I never cared for a strong smelling soap, except I do ok with lavender and jasmine.

So, for my first soap making project, instead of tackling the lye soap right now, I want to try out one of these melt and pour soaps. At the market last weekend I picked up a homemade bar of goat soap and on her label she stated this was made with no lye. I used it this week and it does lather up well, and very soft to my skin-so I am thinking she is using one of these soap bases, otherwise you have to make soap with lye.

I found alot online that were sold in 25# boxes. However, I was glad this one company I looked at explained their product. The soap is poured into these boxes from high above, which causes a big layer of soap bubbles. Those are not useable so have to cut off and throw away.-or I would think you could grate that and use for laundry soap making-but why pay for something, that you have to throw away, or use for somethings else? The photo showed a pretty thick layer, like 3-4 inches of these bubbles.

I always forget about checking ebay. I can find good deals there alot of times. and I did find a store that looks really nice. She has several soap making bases, and one of them is goats milk-which I was looking for. She also has an olive oil soap too. Her bases look pretty natural too with no additives. Here is a link to this shop's soap bases I don't know anything about this store, but she offers lots of things for soap making.

Off to check for more sources


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