Saturday, August 21, 2010


I wanted to share a recipe tip I discovered tonight. Before supper I turned on the new food channel to see if there was anything on, The Cooking Channel; when they first went on air-all the shows were very old reruns from Food Network. So, I haven't paid much attention to the channel.

I caught a new show by Emeril, at least new to me, called Fresh Food Fast. I really love his new green and organic food shows-they are very fun and healthy not like his shows that made him famous. lol

Here is a link to this new show. One of the dishes he was making with his catfish dish was Orange, currant, Pinenut, Quinoa This recipe looked really good, but the reason he put the orange in there is he said it brought out the flavor of the quinoa more, and made it sweeter. I was planning on making my red quinoa for a side dish tonight, I had one juice orange left, so I squeezed the whole orange in their, added a little chives and let it cook down. Wow! this was so delicious, that I am going to remember to add the orange juice in from now on. Sometimes I think quinoa can give off a bit of a bitter taste even after rinsing it well before cooking, and the orange just took that all away.


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