Sunday, August 8, 2010

Photo of Todays Canning Project

I am really happy with todays canning. In front is the last batch of bread and butters that I made with yellow and green zucchini, a few cucumbers, onions, and several rings of sweet pepper-they turned out so pretty too. The zucchini needs to be young and tender for these.

You can kinda see a jar of the sweet relish too, and in the back of that is the first batch of bread and butters with the cucumbers. This will give us enough sweet pickles to go thru for a year now.

I am thinking I should have enough ripe tomatoes by tomorrow to make up a couple batches of salsa next.

The next project, if we can find a free morning early this week, is to check on and pick the wild plums. We are in for a very hot week again in the 100s, so will have to do that early. I also need to check on apples-for pies and applesauce, maybe some jam too.

One day this week, a friend of ours who is retired navy, has offered to take us with to the commissary at the base near here. I would love to be able to find good buys on bulk stew meat to can-will see how that goes.


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