Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Soap Making Day--October 8th

I put the date in the calender the other day, and then I remembered reading alot of you don't use the calender, so will post here.

Friday October 8th will be our online Soap Making Event

There are really no instructions here or list of supplies perse, cause some of you may be making "real soap" with the lye and fat method, and some of us will be purchasing melt and pour soap bases, or melt and pour glycerin bases and using as is or adding oils, colors, clays, herbs and such.

and some of you may enjoy making sugar scurbs, or herb bags and salts for the bath.

some of you that crochet or knit, could even join us and make bath cloths, or if you weave-towels, I am thinking bath or shower related-lol

If you have not followed any of my soap posts here is a link so far to my tag soap making I posted alot of links and information that I found so far online.

If any of you have found sources and wish to share, please add here or in the calender in comments. I live rural-in the woods-I have no stores nearby for fun supplies like this, so I shop online mostly, but if any of you learn about chain stores that might carry supplies please share.

See ya all on Soap Day


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