Monday, August 30, 2010

Ohhhh My Aching Back

Yesterday was a long day, working up the wild plums to a sauce and working on the food plot in the morning. I was hoping I would not be so stiff and sore, but this morning I was really sore.
Larry was out at light, but I couldn't get going til about 7:30am this morning, so was out in the food plot by 8am. However once I got working, I ended up being out their for 3 hours picking up big rocks, and throwing sticks in the trailor to get dumped. That was a little too long for me for sure, but it was cloudy and overcast and not too warm yet, til the last half hour. My back is still burning, so I need to get myself on the heating pad once I get off here.
I am just now getting to my plum sauce-I put it on the stove to cook down more. I think I am going to can this as a sauce-cause will be wonderful over belgian waffles, or even ice cream, yogurt, cakes-I think there are alot of uses for it.
I am still not getting the tartness out of it yet though, the recipes all call for more sugar than fruit which I don't want to do-I only put in a couple cups of organic sugar, about 1/2 cup of honey, and have just added some stevia. Still a bit too tart for me-I am thinking perhaps a little almond or vanilla extract, maybe a little cinnamon would bring up the flavor-but I can add that to the jar before I use it. Sometimes cinnamon will get too bitter after canned. Other than that, it has fantastic flavor and I love the red color.
I think tomorrow Sandy and I will be heading towards the Lake, (Lake in the Ozarks) and dropping off our boxes at the resale shop, and then afterwards heading up to the next town in search of frozen veggies produced here in the usa. I am thinking that this store we are going to will have a good selection of cascadian farms so if not too expensive want to check them out.
We may get some much needed rain this week, most of the time it passes us by, so will see what develops.
Oh and if you didn't catch my note from the weekend, is anyone wanting to join us in trading homemade autumn cards? Sign up ends Sept 1st. so far only 4 of us.
Have an awesome new week!

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