Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Sunday

It started out as a cloudy cool morning, so we went over to one neighbor to pick some apples. I picked the largest ones and the least buggy, and we got a bucket and a half. These are yellow delicous apples-which I never would have guessed cause they are not yellow-lol-The owner does not spray these-but to me apples are apples-especially free for the picking. I will mix these apples with another neighbors apples for flavor-and make up some pies, sauce, and canned apple slices, if I get enough.

We stopped by another friend, Larrys new fishing partner, and my herbs teacher, and had coffee over there. We were all invited to a picnic today early afternoon, so I wanted to get home and make a cake.

I think we won't end up going, cause Larry is not feeling well, and we should have left already-but since he is sleeping I am not going to wake him up.

But, I wanted to have a cake to take in case we did end up going. I made up one of Bob's Red Mill's gluten free chocolate cakes which is really a delicious cake, and most can not tell the difference. I never frost my cakes any more cause of the butter and sugar-but I decided to make up a frosting today.

I went by the recipe on the special dark hersheys cocoa container, but only used half the butter and half the sugar, and a little extra cocoa. I used a couple packets of stevia in the raw to bring up the sweet taste, and I put a little too much of my homemade vanilla extract in-but it turned out very good-and has a "bite" to it. So I am happy with the results. I should have waited til the cake was a little cooler-but I never can wait-lol

I also wanted to make up a big batch of homemade yogurt. I am getting upset with the light yogurts available cause I think they are still too high in sugar, or they use an artificial sugar I am not happy with-so these yogurt makers in the photo, we have owned since the 70s. Mine is the little salton, and Larry had the big jar salton when we got together. another usa product that was made to work and last many years.

Also catching up on the laundry. Sunday always seems to be my catch up day for some reason. I think it comes from my working days. I either worked Sundays for the overtime pay, or when I was off I did all my domestic stuff-so it just seems to still turn out that way.

I picked up a very cool humingbird feeder the other day at the resale shop. It was handmade pottery and I just love-I need to take a photo. When I bought it no one knew what it was-they thought it was something old. I picked it up for $5.00-the humingbirds love it too. and speaking of humingbirds-we have alot visiting our feeders all summer, I think because there are not alot of flowers around do to the hot summer, but now they are getting ready for their migration. I have a dozen or more almost all the time thru out the day now. I went thru 10 pounds of sugar in 2 weeks-thats alot of fills-lol I refill every day now. I just love them-they are so fun to watch.

How was your Sunday-sorry Nemo, I did not get to an art sunday post today


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