Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Doings Today and I found Gluten Free Bisquick!

I love these cooler mornings we are having this week, I slept in a bit this morning, cause I was really stiff and sore from my long day yesterday, but I did get Nikita taken for our walk, and I did work in the food plot for an hour.
I met my friend Sandy and we went food shopping most of the day. The market didn't have anything, just baked goods which I don't buy-not the right ingredients for us, and no nice veggies or fruit. We did talk with the organic meat guy-and I may buy meat to can-stew meat all grass fed for 3.00 a pound.
One store I got lots of chicken livers for Larrys fishing bait, and  my nicest find was gluten free Bisquick!!
I grew up with Bisquick, especially on all of our family camping trips cause Mom would use it in so many ways. However, when I moved away and started reading labels-I could not believe the amount of salt, and of course the white flour which I don't use any more. I think they have a healthier version of it now too
. But in the gluten free section in Wal mart-which is acutally a very nice addition to the store for me, I saw Gluten Free Bisquick, and the ingredients are good, although it does have sugar and salt in it. Here is a link and they have a nice newsletter too, that I signed up for. So thank yous go to Betty Crocker! lol
Here is their recipe for chicken and dumplings (the dumplings being gf)
So I guess there is a big need for gluten free products now. When I first learned about my celiac problem years ago-it was very difficult to learn how to cook this way-so much more information and products available now. It's gotta be 15 years or more for me now, probably closer to 20 years.
Another new item we found was from the Gluten Free Pantry-their Pizza and french bread mix. and found them on Amazon too-I need to start searching Amazon gluten free products cause sometimes they have certain items that quality for free shipping plus being marked down a bit too. Thanks again to Endlessi for telling me about this, I had no idea before that they sold groceriesIngredients for the french bread mix
White Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Corn Starch, Guar Gum, Granulated Honey, Salt, A packet of yeast.
So I am anxious now to try these new products. I have very cool hand throw pottery french bread pan-now I can use it again-yeh!
I was also happy to get a couple 50 pound bags of cracked corn for the deer. I don't like them in my yard close to the house, but they come up anyways and eat the bird seed at night, so if I feed them corn back by the woods line sometimes they don't come up to the house as often. They do know exactly when deer season is though, so once that starts we won't see them again til after that is over.
Tomorrow I will be working up the rest of the wild plums, into a jam or butter. Our friend dropped off about 3/4 bushal of those sweet little pears. Will make up a pear brandy with them, and then next week we are to go picking for the larger pears-so I will be busy again working up some fruits.
I also need to make up my 5 gallon pail of Laundry soap-I only enough left for a few more loads. This is my second year and it still works out to last us for 6 months and I do alot of laundry. So I need to fit that in this week sometime.
I am ready for some football! Any football fans outthere? Larry does not like football, just me-so I watch my games-when then televise them on the big tv-lol, I need to find out whent the first viking and the packer games are. As my readers already know, I have been a Green Bay Packer fan since '67, but I am a huge Brett Favre fan-so I watch him when ever he plays. This is his 20th year, so I would think for sure he will retire end of this season.
Night all.


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