Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Made another sweet relish-finished canning for a bit

When I finished up with the salsa, I remember I had a quart of the sweet pickle brine left over from the bread and butters and relish. I didn't want to waste this, cause there is alot of spices and good stuff in there-lol

So, I went around the few tomatoe plants I left and gathered up the nicest green tomatoes-wasn't alot, but adding some chopped onion and sweet green pepper to it, I figured it should be enough to make a small batch of relish.

I had enough brine that if I had more tomatoes I could have packed these jars thick with the veggies, but I like this brine to use in homemade dressings, a little in deviled eggs, potatoe salad, and such, so just went ahead and canned it up. I found one more of those cute fat jars that needed filling-and filled up 4 1/2 pints-so that will make a nice addition to the other relish.

My knee needs to get iced-so I guess I am off do that for now-stay cool all of yo in this extreme heat wave


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