Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Looking Back a Bit

In January of 2007 I started with my rock shower project. I had gathered alot of rocks from down in the creek bottoms the autumn before.

A few weeks later we had the most severe ice storm here in Laclede county in more than 30 years. Almost all of the electric poles were down everywhere-they had to redo everything. We were without any power for over 14 days. The worse part of it, we were also bitter cold during that time period-so was difficult for everyone. We heat only with wood, so we were able to stay fairly warm even with out the blower on the stove, but we needed the generator in the house for a few things, didn't have a big enough one for the well-so we lost the pump house, and Larry had to redo alot of stuff in there when the power came back on.

That summer in 2007, was a hot hot summer like we are having this summer. Worse they said in many years.

So the cycle continues here 2010-this summer has just been totally miserable, and the winter in 2010 was the coldest and longest they have had in many years.

The following winter 2008 we also had more ice storms but not as severe, this has me thinking now-what kind of winter are we to expect here this year? I am thinking only Mother Nature knows-lol

I just finished watering my few plants, I came in the house and it is now pouring down rain-Yeh!! doing the happy dance --for now-giggling


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