Saturday, August 7, 2010

Long Day Today-but Nice

It was probably a longer day for me, cause I didn't sleep real well. For some reason I got sick from the cortizone shot I had in my left knee, early yesterday morning. In the afternoon yesterday, we went over to a friends house to pick cucumbers and tomatoes, and I forgot my hat, and I think I got too much hot sun too.

The cukes were not nice enough to use for canning, so we dropped a bag off to a neighbor that likes to fry them and also to make cucumber sandwiches with them-lol I saved the nicest ones to eat fresh, after peeling the skins, and thru the rest of them out to the wild animals to enjoy.

We hit a few garage sales this morning, and they were not to our liking, most just tables full of clothes and very little crafts and things we were not looking for. So we went to the farmers markets. They both are very small, just 4-6 vendors at each-they reorganized this year, so they are being run differently, trying to get more vendors. I picked up some handmade goat soap to try, I also was able to buy a few plum tomatoes to mix with the ones I picked for salsa, also got a nice assortment of sweet peppers-all different colors. I also bought a couple very nice young yellow zucchini, and 3 pounds of pickling cucumbers, also a pound of small onions. I have never purchased items to make pickles before, would use from my garden or if someone shared their harvest, but this year with the extreme heat and little rain since June-gardening is not so good. I really wanted to make one batch of sweet relish and one batch of bread and butters, and also salsa-we really like those-so I just went ahead and got what I needed. So tomorrow is canning day-lol

We also ran into a vendor selling his own raised organic lamb, beef, pork, and chickens. A little pricey for me right now-but we really liked the owner alot, and I would like to pick up a leg of lamb for christmas. He said his prices for the lamb are very cheap and he would have to raise them next year, and I think he is right. the leg of lamb is 6.00 a pound and they run 4 to 5 pounds each, so I think he is half of what they usually go for-and this is organic too.

I was on the look for a can crasher to recycle cans in less space-we went to 4 dollar stores, wal mart, and I had checked lowes-and no one has them. They had them last year when recycle prices were high, but not now. People down here drink lots of beer, so when they bring their beer, and drink-we have all these cans to recycle-lol

but anyways this brought us to the adventures of the dollar stores-which I never shop at. we found 2 very nice ones that we would visit again. We also ran into an artsy store-lots of beads, scrapbooking items etc, so that was fun-and we each bought some things in there that were on sale. I needed some papers for my MaryJanesFarm mailart-so was pleased with that find.

so now I am hot and tired-hehe we left at 7:30 in the morning and returned around 2:30 in the afternoon. I am in the process of making rice and will do a chicken stir fry for supper.

catch ya all at cyber brunch tomorrow


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