Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's Extreme Heat Today-So Making Chili-lol

After voting this morning, I took our dog Nikita for her morning walk, watered my veggie plants and got in the a/c for the rest of day.

I ended up scrubbing a few things than got back on my rock shower. I am really happy with the progress today. I worked underneath the right faucet and over to the left-so next time I do more rocks I will be ready to surround the left faucet. Since I am working with mortar, and change my rinse water several times a session, I am doing this clean up outside, and haven't wanted to brave the hot-but I was actually in the mood to work on this-so when my muse works with me, I go with the flow.

When it is this hot-we are to reach 100 or more today plus the high index's, I don't really feel like eating a big meal, or a piece of meat.  Why chili came to mind is beyond me-lol--but I took out a couple packages of our venison along with a fresh pepper and a onion, and cooked them slowly til the venison was tender. I then fried up some ground pork spiced it up a bit with chipolte, and then added it to the pot-from there I just start adding  cans of organic diced tomatoes, some different kinds of beans, spices and let it simmer til we are ready to eat.  I will top this off with shredded cheeses when serving.

  Those of you in this heat wave-what are you all doing today?


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